Jesper Nielsen: We’ll be at the top against Veszprém – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW


Before the two Champions League games between PSG Handball and Veszprém, Hétméteres made an exclusive interview with Jesper Nielsen, the swedish line player of the french team.

That’s a very tough period for you. You’ve just played against Kielce and Nimes, and you’ve even lost your last game. So how is the atmosphere in the locker room now?

Yeah, we lost that game against Nimes, so it’s not the best, but for Sunday, when we’re playing against Veszprém, we’ll be at the top.

What are your expectations towards the 2 games against Veszprém?

Of course, like always, it will be a physical game, as there should be tough defenses in the court.

How do you see the chances?

It’s 50-50. Of course, in the first game at home, there will be an extra “push” on us by the fans but as I said, it’s 50-50. Veszprém is quite a good team and it can be a physical battle. They use the pivots especially well, they understand each other, have some good back players. I think we should be aware of that.

It’s quite early in the season, but (in your opinion) who could have the biggest chances to be at Cologne on top of PSG, which is possibly the biggest favorite this year?

I think there are couple of teams. Kielce is still a very good team, but of course, Veszprém is also amongst the favorites, just like Vardar, Barcelona, and Rhein-Neckar Löwen is quite good as well.

Your teammate from the national team (Andreas Nilsson) plays at Veszprém at the same position as you. Do you keep the connection and can you speak before the game?

Yes, we’re speaking sometimes. We’ve just became fathers, so we had a conversation last week as well.

And what about the other Swedish players from the Hungarian league (Emil Berggren and Jonas Kallman)?

Sometimes I’m speaking with Berggren, not too much with Kallman. But I have quite a good connection with Tönnesen as we played together formerly

How is the locker room of PSG handball looks like? Who are the leaders in the team?

Well, I’d say that our captain, Daniel (Narcisse) is one of them, but Nikola (Karabatic) and Titi (Omeyer) is also amongst them. So yes, those 3 are the leaders of the team.

And who is the loudest one? Somebody, who is the “funny guy” in the team?

It is Nedim (Remili) and Benoit (Kounkoud) of course. Sometimes, he’s even dancing in the locker room.

A couple of short questions:

Who is the best player, you’ve ever played with?

That’s difficult. I think, I should mention somebody from my team. Than they can be Nikola Karabatic and Mikkel Hansen, but I would also mention Uwe (Gensheimer), who is probably the best wing in the world at the moment.

The toughest defenders, you played against?

Probably Nikola (Karabatic), but Filip Jicha and Marcus Ahlm are also amongst them. It was very tough to play against any of them.

Currently, who are the best pivots in the world?

There are a couple of good ones. One of them is Julen Aguinagalde, but (Andreas) Nilsson is also amongst the best ones. It’s very difficult to play against him.

Who is the most dangerous player of Veszprém?

Lékai plays very good. He is very fast and a very good player.