Víctor Tomás: it will be very difficult to win in Szeged – Exclusive Interview

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This weekend, FC Barcelona travels to Szeged to play against the team of Juan Carlos Pastor. Before this battle, Hétméteres made an exclusive interview with one of the most important player of Barcelona, Víctor Tomás.

Víctor, how much are you satisfied with the past period of the team? You played a draw against Rhein-Neckar Löwen, could win against Zagreb, but lost in the Home of RK Vardar.

Of course, we are FC Barcelona and therefore, we try to win every game, no matter if we play in Barcelona or away. However, Champions League is a very tough competition, so it’s normal that you can lose in the hall of the title holder (RK Vardar). Vardar played very good at that game but all the teams can be very dangerous in Champions League.

You’ve just got a new teammate (Aron Palmarsson). How much is he already integrated into the team? What could he mean/add for the future?

He is a very smart player and he’s learnt the tactics very fast. I think he is already integrated into the team, but of course, he needs more time to reach 100%. He is a very important player who can help us in attack and also in defense. Additionally, he is important as he can play both as a playmaker and a left back. Aron will be a key player for us.

What do you think about the Sunday game? What is your opinion about the weaknesses and strength of Szeged?

I think they are a very complicated team to play against. They can play 6-0 and 5+1  in defense and it’s very diifcult to score against any of these tactical formations. In defense they use different players and all of their players know where to go and what to do. Juan Carlos Pastor likes to study the system of the opponent so it will be a very tactical game and will be very difficult to win in Szeged.

Would you like to surprise Juan Carlos Pastor somehow, or you will only concentrate on yourself and your play?

Of course, we’ll try to surprise him, but if I told you how, it would not be a surprise anymore (laughing).

That’s understandable (laughing).

We’re preparing against them and trying to find their weaknesses to surprise them, but we’ll see, as both of the coaches like to analyze the other one so it will be very difficult to surprise the other team.

What do you think, who is the best player of your opponent (Szeged)?

It’s difficult to name 1 player. I think Szeged is a very good team because they work very well together, they can play a very tactical game. However, the key player of Szeged is Jonas Källman. I think he is very important in defense. People think that attack is the most important part of the game in handball, but I think defense is the most important one and this is why Juan Carlos Pastor use him (Källman) a lot.

Champions league is very tough, but you should play at Liga Asobal too. You haven’t lost a game in the last couple of years. What can be a motivation there? How can you prepare for those games?

Of course, it’s really difficult to go and motivate yourself because normally, we should win every game we play and it doesn’t matter if we’re playing good or bad. We know, that we will probably win our games but we should train hard, prove that we’re really good and it’s a good motivation to keep this winning streak going.

Barcelona is a very big club. Do you follow the games of other Barca teams (like Footbal, Basketball)? 

Yes, of course I’m a Barca fan so as far I can I’m following the teams, watching the games in the TV or going to Palau or Camp Nou. I like to do this.

There are some Spanish and previous Barca players, playing in the Hungarian league (Nagy, Ugalde) at the moment. Do you keep the connection with any of them?

Not too intensively, but yes. We’re texting each other, depending on the games or family things.

You were a guest in the last Women F4 in Budapest. Do you follow women handball as well?

Yes, I’m following the Champions League and more or less the Spanish League as well. I like handball and I think, women handball at the top level is very good to see. It’s a great show. Maybe, if I’ll be free at that time I will go back to Budapest to be in the Final4 again as it’s a nice city and Final4 is a very interesting event. Hopefully I can go again.

Do you have favourite team or player in women handball?

I think there are many good players but right now, Stine Oftedal is one of the best, but Bella Gullden is also one of the best players. Nora Mörk is also really good and this year, she plays at defense as well which made her even better.

Can you describe your best seven of the current active players?

At the moment? That’s tough question… It’s very difficult to choose one player for every position.

OK, it’s also good, if you name the top 5 players.

I think, they are Nikola Karabatic, Aron Palmarsson, Mikkel Hansen, Raul Entrerrios, Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas.

So, 3 of them are from Barcelona?

Yes (laughing).

Thank you for the interview.